Advancing Scientific Knowledge of Integrative Health

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The single greatest argument against integrative medicine is that there is a lack of scientific evidence of safety and efficacy. We are here to change that.

Essential Oils

Clinical trials, epidemiological studies, and meta-analyses move aromatherapy out of the lab and into clinical practice.

Herbal Science

Research helps bring this ancient practice into modern medicine through clinical trials and health claim validation.

Nutrition Supplements

Which supplements are worth the money? We separate efficacy myths from reality with rigorous clinical research.

Health Promotion

Discover the impact lifestyle and health behavior change can produce with health behavior and promotion research.

Why we exist

Natural health fields of aromatherapy, herbalism, and health promotion rely heavily on traditional wisdom. But to bring these fields into the future, this wisdom needs to be met with solid scientific evidence.

We are here to face this challenge head-on by conducting clinical research into these natural health fields. Our research accomplishes that critical step of taking herbal and essential oil science out of the lab and into a clinical setting.

The knowledge generated through our research projects improve healthcare, increase recognition, and advance these fields scientifically.

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