The APICHS Study


If you have a child aged 2-15 years old, we want to hear from you! The Franklin Health Research Foundation, in collaboration with leading natural health institutions, organizations, and industry leaders from around the globe, is conducting a cross-sectional study about the use of personal care products with children.

Participation is simple. If you have children aged 2-15 years old, complete the secure online survey. Do this once for each child. The survey will ask some general questions about your child’s health and then several questions about the products you use with this child in your home. These products range from laundry soap to sunscreen to body wash and include everything from handmade products to commercial items.

Completion of the entire survey takes 10-15 minutes and your responses are secure and confidential.

Your participation in this project is incredibly valuable! If you are willing to help our team by completing this survey, CLICK HERE to get started.

If you have any questions about the study, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Hawkins, the study’s Primary Investigator, for more information. She can be reached at or by phone at 615-261-3116.

About the Franklin Health Research Team

The Franklin Health Research Team is a group of highly skilled clinical researchers who specialize in natural health and conduct research which is critical to the field. Each member of the team is fully trained in the ethics of human participant research with an emphasis on protecting your rights and privacy as a participant in one of our studies.

Get Involved!

For this project to achieve its goals, we need YOUR help. Here are two things you can do right now: 1. Spread the word! Our team is looking for people from all over the US who are willing to provide data for this important project. 2. Stay Updated! Enter your email in the form below to receive updates about this study.