Advancing the Practice of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Case Study Collection

The Aromatherapy Research Collaboration is an alliance of international researchers with a common goal to research essential oil use, and aromatherapy practice, around the world. Researchers include Joy Bowles, PhD, and Tamara Agnew, PhD, both from Australia, and Christy Hires, MPH and Jessie Hawkins, PhD, from the United States.

The collaboration originated through requests for case study collection, analysis, and publication. Upon embarking on this monumental project, the research team realized that there is no existing research identifying the specializations and practice norms within the field.

This practice and outcomes project was developed to meet that need, with the goal of laying the groundwork required to advance to future phases, which include collection, analysis, and dissemination of aromatherapy case studies.

Joy Bowles, PhD 
Joy Bowles, PhD Australia
Christy Hires, MPH, CHES
United States
Christy Hires, MPH, CHES United States
Tamara Agnew, PhD
Tamara Agnew, PhD Australia
Jessie Hawkins, PhD
United States
Jessie Hawkins, PhD United States

About this Project


Phase One: Completed 2020 

This phase involves taking a global inventory of the practice of aromatherapy in various English-speaking countries.

This is accomplished through a cross sectional study of aromatherapy practitioners using a survey which our team developed and validated.

Phase Two: Anticipated State Date: 2021

Once our team has established the state of the professional practice, we will begin recruiting professionals who are willing to gather and report case studies.

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