Attitudes and Expectations of
CBD Supplementation

Assessing Beliefs and Expectations Using the Health Belief Model & the Theory of Planned Behavior

The use of CBD as a dietary supplement in the United States is rapidly increasing, but information about patient expectations, beliefs, attitudes, and self-efficacy is lacking. Health behavior theories have been used to predict outcomes and explain health behavior in other populations, but have not yet been used to identify attitudes and expectations held by users of CBD dietary supplements.

This study is a cross-sectional study of adult self-identified CAM users who experience chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia to identify the attitudes, expected outcomes, subjective norms, knowledge, beliefs, and self-efficacy related to the use of CBD.

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What kind of study is this?

This is a cross sectional study of American individuals who use CBD supplements for pain, anxiety, and/or insomnia.

Approximately 300 people were recruited and asked to complete a series of questions related to their current use of alternative health related products, their knowledge about certain products, and their expectations.

This study provides valuable insight into the rationale for CBD supplementation's widespread popularity within the natural products industry. It also allows public health professionals to better understand the perceived benefits of supplementation.

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