Eye Health Supplemt Trial: Now Recruiting!

We are recruiting adult women for a study exploring the benefits of a food-based supplement on visual health. This study is open to healthy volunteers who spend 6 or more hours each day in front of digital screens (computers, tablets, smartphones) for work or school. To learn more about this study, please click the link below and complete the interest form.

To qualify, you must be a US resident, identify as female, be in relatively good health, and be 30-60 years old. The study is not recruiting individuals who have uncontrolled heart disease or diabetes, any form of liver disease, ocular disease, blood clotting disorders, who are pregnant, who are trying to conceive, or who are taking blood clotting medications.

Participation involves attending an in-person 15-25 minute in-person orientation appointment, taking blackcurrant or placebo capsules each day for 10 weeks, and completing a total of three surveys (5-15 minutes each). We provide participant orientation in Franklin, TN and in Huntsville, AL. 

If you join and complete this study, you will be compensated $80.

Enter your info below to receive a link to a screening survey. The survey will take 2-4 minutes to complete. Our team will review the screening form to determine if you qualify. If this study is a good fit, you will be invited to schedule an appointment to receive information, provide consent, and pick up your materials.

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On average, how many hours per day do you spend in front of a digital screen? Please ONLY include time spent at a tablet, computer, or smartphone.
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